Me and my Fat Arse

Hiya, I’m new to all this blogging malarkey, but decided I needed some inspiration to help me lose 3 stone – so here I am.

My fat arse got me in to trouble on Boxing Day 2018. My great Auntie kindly reminded me that “ooh you’ve put some weight on again” which is just what I wanted to hear on one of my not so good days!!

There I was being all good and healthy piling a load of salt onto a celery stick when she pipes up that load of shit. What is wrong with “old people”. Why is it they get to a certain age and they completely lose their filter and think they can say what they like?

Anyway, that was the kick up my Big Fat Arse that I needed. I bought myself a Fitbit, and joined WW online on the 2nd Jan. I’ve set myself a realistic goal of 8,000 steps a day, but doing more like 10,000 as I like the challenge – oh and seeing the little firework display on the fit bit screen when I hit the target. Sad yeah I know, but little pleasures and all that.

So, my weight loss journey has been going 5 days as I type this. But as I’m glutton for punishment I’ve decided to do dry January aswell, which seemed a good idea at the time. Now, maybe not so.

My tipple of choice is lager or guinness, so no wonder my Arse is the size of a hippo.

I’m not actually quite sure how much I’m meant to be typing for my first “Blog”. Is this too much, not enough, does anyone care?